a project is like a journey
to be undertaken with curiosity
a project is like a recipe
to dress with taste
every project is like a dress
tailor-made for you
Welcome to m12
the place where architecture and design live in harmony


We meet, we exchange views, and take your desires by hands making them grow and bringing them into the real world. Based on a true and genuine comparison, we ensure to get to proposals having definite costs because professionalism, energy and enthusiasm are our daily bread.






Our Method

No Archistar. At the core there is always and only your project without any “linguistic compromise” on your real needs.
No do-it-all-by-myself. We like to work in team with other technicians and professionals, convinced that every step and every competence require a proper care.
No signature to show off. We do not like standardized furniture; we like to dare time by time as, among our friends, there are some of the best artisans.
No misunderstanding. At the core there is always and only just your project.



Any project does not frighten us, any request is transformed into opportunities. Be it ​​to last a day or forever.


We package custom-made your new furniture, offering a full package from design to realization in collaboration with the best artisans.


Be it offices, stores or exhibition spaces, we will create the right location to give impetus to your business.


Analyzing the competition, designing targeted solutions on costs, creating a flagship on which verify the choices: there are no jumps in the dark when we talk about business.


Any space, even the smallest, is a resource for our daily lives: we make sure that everything works properly!


Are you ready to tell us about your ideas? Well, we will know how to bring out the best from every little clue to give life to your dreams.


Give us an old building, an apartment, a space and we will “hold it back ” as in Back to the Future.


For the costs definition of a work, different factors have to be considered such as construction, plants installation and finishing works.
Nevertheless, we want to emphasize that design in most cases is considered, wrongly, as an expense.
A Work without the supervision of a professional who takes into account the realistic timing and the intrinsic complexity, in the end can cost much more:
many aspects are left out or decided during the construction phase pushing up enormously estimates that are often made to be awarded with the intervention works and protracting the time.
Project planning and timing and workers coordination are decisive factors to achieve the targets. And without excessive stress.



m12 architecture design is the studio founded by Michelangelo Olivieri.


The experiences in progress and those matured in the years before the studio was set, have been of fundamental importance: during the years of academic education, the School of Art in Corato has played a key role in the growth and development of the passion for the workshops (jewelry-metals) and the drawing. The IUAV University of Venice offered a unique opportunity to learn from great teachers such as Franco Purini and Sergio Polano and listen to the masterful words of masters such as Achille Castiglioni, Ettore Sottsass, Philip Johnson, Clorindo Head and many more. The first partnership with the studio Zerouno Retail Design of architect Giuseppe Cascino, allowed to learn the operating procedures to approach and engage dynamically the retail design world, creating concepts and designing stores in three continents. The valuable partnership with Gatti Furnishings of Treviso, allowed to know not only the big brands and the leading companies in the furniture industry, but even to learn, on the field, those devices that have to be considered during the design and construction stage of the living space. The international competitions made together with prestigious studios such as Studio Glass in Venice, but also together with wonderful colleagues such as Michael Klopfer, Alberto de Simone, Stefano Granata and Sergio Fanelli, have constantly feed the passion for research. Finally, the ongoing partnership with studio Antonello Associati in Jesolo, has allowed to examine fully through a long series of projects, the most diverse architectural themes: from single-family residences to residential buildings; from commercial spaces and offices to tourist resorts. All that in a unique and extremely dynamic reality such as that of Jesolo Lido where, from the Master Plan drawn up by Kenzo Tange to the very recent intervention works by Carlos Ferrater, Richard Meier, Aurelio Galfetti, Goncalo Byrne, Aires Mateus and Zaha Hadid, it is possible to admire one the few international scenarios with an incomparable concentration of paramount projects.


We at Studio m12 architecture design look at the future and do so through performing technological tools for the design such as the BIM use, the three-dimensional space exploration and the rendering.
We conduct a constant research of materials, products and daily lifestyle trends. We carefully select our partnership with artisans attentive to tradition but eager to experience and experiment. We like to think that every person who gives life to the project, is part of a sophisticated and complex gear and deserves to be highly considered even for the smallest contribution.
We would like always to have curious, conspiratorial and interested customers to whom offer ideas, suggestions and details, as close as possible to their wishes as we are sure that difference occurs in the field of choices, that sometimes are strong and courageous.

Michelangelo Olivieri


M12’s Owner

Raffaella Strippoli








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